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added: 11-Jul-2005
MPEG-4 aacPlus is the combination of three MPEG technologies comprising Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), coupled with Coding Technologies' Spectral Band Replication (SBR), and Parametric Stereo (PS) technologies.

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added: 27-Jun-2005
Technical overview of the 3GPP voice format AMR, AMR WB, and AMR + developed and licensed by VoiceAge.

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added: 25-Sep-2004
PDF describing mobileXMF which adds support for SP-MIDI and compressed DLS to standard XMF.

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added: 2-Apr-2003
PDF containing information about the MMA approved XMF format, which combines DLS and MIDI into a single encrypted format with 5:1 compression of MIDI data.

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added: 26-Jun-2002
EMS Developer guide PDF contains information about sound and iMelody format support in Ericsson phones.

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added: 25-Jul-2005
The General MIDI Lite device specification is intended for equipment that does not have the capability to support the full feature set defined in General MIDI 1.0.

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added: 28-Nov-2005
Specification for MIDI messages to control lights on supporting Nokia phones.

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added: 29-Aug-2005
Overview of mobile DLS with links to purchase and download the mobile DLS specification from the MMA.

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added: 6-Sep-2005
Mobile XMF is the first open standard audio format to bundle a tiny Scalable-Polyphony MIDI (SP-MIDI) file, custom samples (Mobile DLS), and copyright information all in one deliverable package.

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added: 7-Nov-2005
RFC 2658 specifies the streaming format for 3GPP2 13K vocoder (also known as QCELP 13K vocoder) data.

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added: 28-Jun-2002
Compact Media Extensions MIDI-based Multimedia Software. CMX software provides support for applications requiring time-synchronized multimedia outputs of MIDI-based music, text, graphics, animation and voice.

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added: 13-Jun-2002
Ring tone format for Nokia phones. RTTTL was originally designed and conceived for the Nokring program. The rule syntax for this language is described in this document.

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added: 13-Jun-2002
Overview of SP-MIDI specification concept and purchasing/download instructions for obtaining the specification.

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added: 10-Jul-2003
SKM is a "container" file format, where the SKM container file contains a "SKM manifest" file in XML format that describes the contents of the file; including the sample data, any driving MIDI file (or MIDI-like file such as Koan files), and how the sample data should be combined together to present a an environment of layered "virtual" wavetables within which the MIDI data can be rendered.

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added: 20-Jun-2002
The RTX ringtone description format is designed to be backward compatible with RTTTL, but offers extensions in line with the Nokia Smart Messaging standard.

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