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added: 23-Aug-2005
Overview of AM3D positional audio technologies for mobile devices.

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added: 25-Sep-2004
Aurora Audio Engine for PalmOS, and Windows Mobile. Supports ScreamTracker song format, allowing your application to include songs with up to 32 channels of wave-based music.

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added: 25-Sep-2004
AWaveCE Audio Control is an ActiveX Control wrapper for Mikmod, an LGPL library for Pocket PC. Supports wav mixing and MOD playback, mono wav format.

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added: 2-Apr-2003
PDF outlining the features and capabilities of the Beatnik Audio Engine for Mobile devices. Supports MIDI, SP-MIDI, RMF, XMF, SMAF, RTX, SMS, iMelody, MP3, AIFF, and WAV.

Hits: 1326   |   Rating: 1.33   |   Votes: 6   |  rate it!

added: 5-Jul-2005
Licensable software synthesizer for Windows Mobile platform. Supports DLS.

Hits: 370   |   Rating: 1.00   |   Votes: 1   |  rate it!

added: 6-Mar-2006
Information about the Faith Audio Engine.

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added: 13-Oct-2004
Fidelity is a PalmOSŪ static library specifically designed to bring digital sounds effects and music playback within applications supporting Palm OS5, Yamaha PA1, and BeatPlus! Springboard interfaces.

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added: 7-Feb-2006
FMOD sound system for Windows CE (Pocket PC / Smart phone) and handheld gaming devices.

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added: 25-Sep-2004
Hekkus Sound System for WinCE/Win32/Symbian and .NET application, expecially designed for games. Supports 8, 16 uncompressed and Microsoft ADPCM compressed mono/stereo WAVs.

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added: 18-Aug-2004
Mobile Synth is an wave table based audio engine intended for embedded systems. SP-MIDI and XMF compliant system supporting built in audio processing effects and an interactive audio api.

Hits: 682   |   Rating: 3.50   |   Votes: 4   |  rate it!

added: 14-May-2003
Mobileer presents the SP-MIDI Polyphonic Ringtone Engine optimized for embedded systems. The engine may be licensed for use in mobile phones, musical instruments, toys, Internet TVs, and other systems that play MIDI song files.

Hits: 948   |   Rating: 6.00   |   Votes: 4   |  rate it!

added: 25-Sep-2004
Modula for Palm OS5+ wav mixer and MOD player supports mixing up to 64 channels, at any output frequency, MOD player supports ProTracker song format with 31 samples, 4 channels, 128 patterns, vibrato, tremolo, portamento and other sound effects.

Hits: 413   |   Rating: 10.00   |   Votes: 3   |  rate it!

added: 13-Dec-2004
Technical specifications for NEC Melody LSI chipsets for mobile devices.

Hits: 616   |   Rating: 0   |   Votes: 0   |  rate it!

added: 5-Dec-2004
Technical specifications and capabilities for OKI series of Sound LSI chips intended for mobile phones and devices.

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added: 25-Sep-2004
Description of QSound Labs microQ mobile audio engine, with full positional 3D audio mixing, 3D expansion and effects supporting WAV, PCM, ADPCM, (and MP3 on Intel XScale parts), and wavetable synthesizer supporting MIDI, SP-MIDI, iMelody, SMAF, DLS, mDLS, XMF, mXMF.

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