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added: 25-Jul-2002
PDF provides information about MIDI support (polyphony, instrument patch list) and True tones for Nokia phones. Updated 2 once or twice a year. (this link takes you to a search page because it is difficult to link directly to Nokia documents)

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added: 10-Dec-2002
This article covers basic concepts (polyphony, MIP, and channel priority) analyzing a MIDI file's polyphony, creating a MIP message, testing the scaled versions and some advanced techniques using SP-MIDI.

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added: 16-Oct-2003
PDF tutorial with tips on how best to use the Beatnik Editor for creating RMF content for Mobile devices.

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added: 5-Mar-2003
This tutorial demonstrates a process for optimizing a MIDI file for playback on a device with limited polyphony. The Nokia 3510, with 4 voice polyphony, is one of the first devices to support SP-MIDI spec. We will structure our SP-MIDI file to work with this level of polyphony as well as scale upwards for more advanced phones and devices that come along in the future.

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added: 24-Sep-2004
A series of 6 articles on authoring SMAF ringtones, covering FM synthesis, including audio tracks, converting MIDI to SMAF, and WAV table synthesis.

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added: 16-Jun-2005
Learn about authoring audio content for Palm devices. Articles covers Palm OS 5 native sound capabilities, Palm devices using proprietary sound components, how to install audio content on Palm devices, and content distribution strategies.

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added: 18-Nov-2005
This article gives guidelines for designing mobile game audio and provides some insight into the future of mobile game audio.

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added: 12-Dec-2000
This is a step-by-step guide to entering MIDI information into your sequencerso you can use the custom Beatnik syntheziser sounds (Special Instruments bank). In this tutorial we are using MOTU Digital Performer, but with a little work you can execute these directions with whatever MIDI sequencing program you use.

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added: 30-Oct-2003
Links to information about Flash players for various mobile devices and set top boxes. Also includes links to articles on content and application development guidelines for each player type.

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added: 14-May-2003
List of software applications that can author, or convert MIDI to, a variety of polyphonic and monphonic ringtone formats.

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added: 27-Nov-2004
PDF file of power point presentation on various device audio formats. Focus on 3GPPP manadated formats.

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added: 7-Mar-2005
Introduction to the emerging industry of ringtone remixers with an overview of current technologies, business models and trends.

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added: 3-Feb-2004
Electronic Musician Magazine article outlining polyphonic ringtone formats and supporting playback technologies.

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added: 21-Jun-2002
Step by step instructions on converting your video and audio files for playback on mobile devices such as the Nokia 9200 Series Communicator and Pocket PCs.

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added: 21-Jun-2002
The mobile version the RealOne Player available for Symbian, Palm and PocketPC devices. Download and play video clips or stream audio through a wireless connection.

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