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added: 9-Dec-2002
This article discusses issues related to accessibility and embedded audio and how to make a Flash MX streaming audio console accessible for those using a screen reader or a keyboard to browse a web site.

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added: 02-Nov-2001
Flash 5 is more than a movie and sound player—it's an application platform. Using a little ingenuity and some ActionScript, youcan build a fully-functioning remixer that runs in any Flash-enabled browser. It's now possible to create a remixer using the Flash 5 player, because Flash 5 supports separate volume and pan for up to 8 sounds playing simultaneously. These features and the fact that Flash is ubiquitous, make it an attractive technology for developing audio applications.

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added: 25-Nov-2002
Advanced article demonstrating how to playback a standard midi file with custom samples from a Flash based midi sequencer created with ActionScript.

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added: 24-Apr-2006
DevX Article explaining how to use Marmalade Multimedia's FlashAmp to create audio visualizers and lip sync sounds in Flash.

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added: 10-Oct-2000
This paper describes a technique for playing back multiple soundtracks in a Flash web site. The technique allows the selection of which soundtrack to play to be based on what content is being displayed. It also allows the user to pause the movie or browse the site without interrupting the soundtrack, and to mute the soundtrack without affecting their ability to browse the site while still allowing sound effects like button sounds to play.

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added: 10-Oct-2000
Once a sound is attached to a frame in Flash™, you can use a maximum of 8 envelope points to manipulate that sound. Envelope points (appearing as little squares in the diagram below) are really volume controls that allow you to create effects such as panning, muting, and fading.

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added: 31-Jul-2002
Overview of issues related to developing microphone based applications with Flash player and Communication Server

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added: 10-Oct-2000
Learn how to use Flash as a sequencer or mixer similar to software used by digital musicians to sequence music.

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added: 13-Jun-2005
Learn how to set up a real time streamed mp3 radio station using Flash and Flash Communication server.

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added: 11-Jun-2002
This Electronic Musician Magazine article demonstrates the process of converting a MIDI loop mix into a Flash-based loop mix. Flash loop mixes are bandwidth-friendly (40 to 100 KB downloads) long-form compositions (typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length) which offer more musical interest than simple loops and don't suffer from streaming audio dropouts.

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added: 19-Sep-2004
A series of 25+ articles on many topics of Flash sound and audio, including basics of Sound object, creating remixer applications, and creating streaming sound players.

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added: 6-Jun-2005
Learn the basics of real time mp3 streaming for web radio stations through Flash Communication Server 1.5

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added: 10-Oct-2000
An in-depth look at audio issues in Flash, including use of the start/stop points, volume envelopes and export options. Also covers design strategies for reusing and layering sounds in the timeline to reduce filesize. This article covers Flash 3, but still applies equally well to Flash 4 & 5.

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