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flash audio : advanced

added: 02-Nov-2001
Flash 5 is more than a movie and sound player—it's an application platform. Using a little ingenuity and some ActionScript, youcan build a fully-functioning remixer that runs in any Flash-enabled browser. It's now possible to create a remixer using the Flash 5 player, because Flash 5 supports separate volume and pan for up to 8 sounds playing simultaneously. These features and the fact that Flash is ubiquitous, make it an attractive technology for developing audio applications.

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added: 9-Dec-2002
This article discusses issues related to accessibility and embedded audio and how to make a Flash MX streaming audio console accessible for those using a screen reader or a keyboard to browse a web site.

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flash audio : beginner

added: 10-Oct-2000
Use small sound files layers correctly and seperated to create new effects.

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flash audio : flashsound api

added: 12-Jan-2001
The full FlashSound API and technical documentation. The API is custom Javascript class for streamlining issues related to using Javascript to control "sound only" swf loaded using an embeded Flash player.

Hits: 15117   |   Rating: 8.80   |   Votes: 5   |  rate it!

added: 21-Jan-2001
Part 1 of this series about Flash Interactive Sound Design details a common technique for preparing Flash sound for interactivity using specially constructed "sound only" timelines. This technique works in every relevant version of the Flash player and is controllable by both Flash graphics-based Actionscript and the HTML-friendly FlashSound Javascript API.

Hits: 21149   |   Rating: 8.43   |   Votes: 7   |  rate it!

added: 22-Feb-2001
After creating a "sound only" swf, you can begin to code a web page for sound. Coding with the FlashSound API typically has four steps: 1. Source in flashsound.js javascript library 2. Create a FlashSound instance. 3.. Embed your swf. 4. Play/Stop sounds with Javascript link events

Hits: 7912   |   Rating: 4.00   |   Votes: 2   |  rate it!

added: 22-Feb-2001
Can you imagine a Kung Fu film with no sound? The hyper-realistic foley effects of martial arts films have become second nature to us. This FlashSound demo page shows you an example of how you can use Flash to add interactive audio to an ordinary HTML Kung Fu web page page. 95% of the average users can hear this page and you don't need to create a Flash and non-Flash version of the site.

Hits: 18123   |   Rating: 7.83   |   Votes: 6   |  rate it!

added: 9-Mar-2001
This tutorial examines the impact Flash sync options have on interactive sound playback behavior. It is important to consider how a sync option will effect your presentation or better yet, which sync option is best for your interactive design.

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mobile audio : authoring

added: 25-Jul-2002
PDF provides information about MIDI support (polyphony, instrument patch list) and True tones for Nokia phones. Updated 2 once or twice a year. (this link takes you to a search page because it is difficult to link directly to Nokia documents)

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