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We welcome any institution or individual with an interest in web/mobile audio to participate as a content contributor or sponsor for sonify.org. With your help we can continue to meet the challenging information needs of creating and developing web and mobile based audio content and applications.

Sonify.org Sponsor

Sonify.org, needs your support to remain online. Your sponsorship contributions help pay for our server costs. In return, we place your logo in a prominent location on pages throughout our site enabling you to promote your services to the niche market of musicians and audio oriented web developers who regularly visit sonify.org. Please consider becoming a sponsor so we can continue to provide important web audio news, content and community resources. We currently offer two sponsorship options.

Full Sponsorhip
We include your logo, link and service description on all pages throughout our site. The full sponsorhip rate is $180 USD for a 6 month sponsorship.

Partial Sponsorhip
Specifically intended for sound download sites, we include your logo, link and a brief service description in the Sound Download sites section of our resources page. The partial sponsorhip rate is $60 USD for a 6 month sponsorship.

Please contact us for more information on how to become a Sonify.org sponsor.

Content Contributor

Want to be an expert, and have your name "up in lights"? Or maybe you just want to give something back to a community who helped you learn? If so, sonify.org is a great place to share and "tout" your web audio related knowledge and expertise. Being a published author is also an effective way of improving your professional career.

We are always seeking new content for sonify.org and welcome any submission on the topic of audio for the web and wireless. Note that while we may not be able to publish every article idea that we receive, we do take all submissions into careful consideration. Below is a list of some suggested topics that we are interested in. Please contact the editor for more information on how to contribute to sonify.org as a writer.

  • Articles/Tutorials
    Write articles or tutorials on aesthetics of audio presentation, audio copyright and licensing, coding interactive audio, audio production concepts, or application programming concepts.
  • Book Reviews
    Review books pertaining to interactive audio.
  • Editorials
    Express an opinion on the directions of audio for web and wireless.
  • Interviews
    Interview leading musicians, developers, company CEO's and industry leaders to help our readers better understand the current "state of the art" for audio in web based media.
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  • Contribute an Article
    Demonstrate your professional skills and knowledge to the community.
  • Become a Sponsor
    Promote your service to Sonify's community of professional content and application developers.
  • Submit News
    Help keep the community informed about industry developments.
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About Sonify.org

Sonify.org is a community resource where Developers can unite with the common goals of adding interactive audio to the Web, Wireless and Digital Devices as well as advancing the development of the underlying interactive audio technologies. Read more.