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Microsoft owned Bungie reportedly spent two years perfecting the kung-fu-in'/gun-slinging Oni. In the game, our ammo-toting anime heroine also has an array of back-crunching moves. Shoot or sweep - it's your choice.

What this this say about our appetite for violence? Probably that it's wired with instinct - it's our civilized cultured selfs that keep us in check for collaboration, but personally, I'm always a little disappointed when I hit something and I don't hear a pwffffff-thwack.

(-: IC 2001.

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Imagine if you could add interactive audio to a site, that more than 90% of average users were already equipped for.

Imagine that the site is still functional even if they didn't have Macromedia Flash Player. No more "Enter here with Flash | Enter there without Flash". You won't always have to build it TWICE.

Now kick some serious booty and check out this demo. Roll over any of the graphics and links on this page to trigger interactive Flash audio, using the FlashSound API. If you like what you hear but can't see, you can find out more on

Our headnumbing buffet of 13 fistycuff sound bites total 86Kb in payload (that's 6Kb-ish per lovepat). Music with the afro haircut weighs in at another 45Kb.

What's the FlashSound API?
It's a very small JavaScript library that enables interactive audio to be triggered from ordinary HTML pages, using the Macromedia Flash Player. Browsers without the Flash Player installed will display the same pages without problems, scaling down to an audioless experience.

To find out more, click here to go to's FlashSound API Central.

Heeeeiiii ... yah! </ugh>

Can you imagine a Kung Fu film with no sound? The hyper-realistic foley effects of martial arts films have become second nature to us. In the Noughties, we're saturated with mass produced kinetic whoop-ass.

From the whip-crack chop-sockey posturing of the Charlie's Angel; through Ang Lee's balletic fire in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; to the noir packets of Matrix styled braindump Kung Fu - everywhere we see, hear and even participate viscerally in perfect combat.